Why you should be language agnostic.

Typically most programmers tend to be comforted with one programming language. Some times even binding to a framework. Its obvious that, they might be trying to solidify their concepts in that domain. Or may be comforted in the ambiance of the knowledge that legacy had gifted them. Let me take... [Read More]

Enterprise level javascript frameworks

When it comes to an application of substantial magnitude, angular, react and ember might not be a best solution. There is much more in the industry besides these eye-candy toys. Some applications are built and meant to run for decades. Scalability and maintainability is as cardinal as usability here. [Read More]

Virtual Reality on HTML5

Virtual Reality is on its way to future. It gives us experience of greater magnitude. We can take a look at how html5 can incorporate VR experience. We know that html5 is gonna be future of the web. With the ES6 of Javascript and Hardware accelerated CSS3 rendering, web is... [Read More]