Cochin University of Science and Technology - CUSAT

Bachelor of Technology

Computer Science And Engineering

Departmental Award - Mercedes-Benz R&D India - 2020

Departmental Award - Mercedes-Benz R&D India - 2019

Speaker - #23 Java Script Meetup Bangalore - 2018

Speaker - Google Cloud Next'17 Extended Meetup Bangalore - 2017

GATE Qualified - 2013

Data Structures


Programmings Languages

Operating Systems

Distributed Systems

Discrete Math

  • Speech Technology @ Mercedes Benz Research.
  • Working on #heymercedes topics, which is the Mercedes-Benz in car voice assistant.
  • Part of team developing Mercedes Benz Operating System(MB.OS).
  • Contributor to SAP CBC Project.
  • CBC configure business processes that span across different SAP products from one central place.
  • NodeJS, ReactJS, TypeScript.
  • Leading `Team` responsible for development of advanced drawing tools.
  • Designing architecture of each modules.
  • ReactJS, NodeJS, Python and Java.
  • Backend Developer.
  • Architected and deployed scalable backend infrastructure.
  • NodeJS, Python, Flask, ExpressJS, Web Sockets and real time systems.
  • SDP helps in modelling speech domains for #heymercedes.
  • New voice skills can be developed with the platform.
  • Skills are the abilities the voice assistant can perform. eg: "Get weather at my location"
  • 'Advanced drawing tools' are used to create, share and archive engineering drawings.
  • Re architected front end application which resulted in 70% better performance.
  • Responsible from planning till deployment of deliverables.
  • The application is an admin portal developed based on specific requirement from client.
  • Role included, architecture design, business logic development, db design and project deployment.
  • Python, Flask and MySql.
  • Real time multiplayer card game implemented using NodeJS and Websocket.
  • Responsibility includes from architecting to deployment.
  • In-memory db and NoSql db were used for data persistance.
  • Log streamer developed from scratch and open sourced.
  • Works as a library or as stand alone project to stream logs in real time, from server to browser.
  • Real time app development Designed and Implemented real time backend using websocket.
  • REST API Development Hands on experience with REST api development
  • Speaker Have delivered tech talks at meetups and institutions.
  • DevOps Docker and Docker swarms, AWS and GCP.
  • VCS Strong understanding on git.
  • Programming Javascript \ Python \ Java \ Golang(Learning) \ Rust(Learning)
  • DevOps Docker \ Jenkins \ Sonarqube \ JFrog \ AWS/GCP
  • Databases Relational \ Non-Relational \ In-Memory