Bye bye Daimler.

I will miss you!

Mercedes Benz Research and Development India(MBRDI) was like my second home. I enjoyed every bit of work I was doing here. The work experience at Daimler is priceless. Deciding to move out from MBRDI and Daimler was tough. This is both in terms of colleagues and work. Sometimes we take... [Read More]

Five practices for a perfect project.

For few of us starting a new project is always an excitement, and for rest of us there is a friction for generating the first file. Opinionated boiler plates, these days covers the friction what we feel for the pilot. Lets take a look at 5 ineluctable factors we should... [Read More]

Understanding open source licenses.

Software licencing is becoming more and more complex each day. Progressive increment in no of licence is agonizing for architects and developers in choosing dependencies. Let’s take a look at few cardinal open source licence that a developer may stumble upon in the day to day life. [Read More]

Why you should be language agnostic.

Typically most programmers tend to be comforted with one programming language. Some times even binding to a framework. Its obvious that, they might be trying to solidify their concepts in that domain. Or may be comforted in the ambiance of the knowledge that legacy had gifted them. Let me take... [Read More]